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We Are Whistle Stop Digital

We help groups succeed, turning win-lose advocacy battles into win-win outcomes for the entire organization. We know issue advocacy and our close-knit group of digital strategists, marketers, designers and developers work with clients to take their campaigns beyond the ordinary. We take pride in delivering engaging digital experiences that drive your effort forward.

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Working with Whistle Stop Digital continues to pay dividends. Their expertise and execution has helped us to not only grow our base of engaged users but to also get a better understanding of the makeup of our community so we can better address their needs moving forward.

- Andy Polk, VP, FDRA -

Why Whistle Stop Digital

Whistle Stop Digital was born out of the convergence of issue advocacy, politics and marketing. Our software platform gives organizations the tools they need to address this changing landscape, allowing them to quickly and easily identify influencers, empower stakeholders, reach decision makers and affect change.

Wlogo-headerhistle Stop Digital (WSD) focuses on leveraging technology to aggregate audiences in support of a goal. We bring a broad range of experience to all engagements, having worked on some of the largest projects in the government, issue advocacy and publishing worlds.

For much of the past decade, we’ve worked with associations, non-profits and Fortune 50 corporations to launch a variety of websites, mobile apps and more. Over the past 5 years alone, we’ve helped launch more than 500 online communities, centered on educating audiences through timely content and equipping stakeholders with essential information on the topic. The goal throughout all of these endeavors has been simple – build trust, drive thought leadership and create a community around an issue so that when needed, stakeholders can be activated on behalf of the effort.

But that’s in the past, and we know it. We’re proud of the work we’ve done, but where we’re headed is even more exciting. Issue Advocacy, Campaigns and Marketing are all converging into one. We’re ready for the change, have built our platform to embrace it and look forward to working with you to make your effort a success.

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We believe in the growing intersection of issue advocacy, sales and marketing. Just as you wouldn't buy an expensive product without learning more about it first, stakeholders aren't going to act on your behalf unless you build trust and thought leadership. We're here to help.

Advocacy Strategy

We know the tools. We know what works. You give us a goal, we’ll get you there, and beyond.

Message Development

The right message makes a difference. Our team will help you craft a message that not only reaches but speaks to your audience

Social Strategy

Let us help identify any gaps with your social outreach and build your effort to garner the engagement you seek

Video & Animation Creation

Influence is more than just the written word. We help turn your data into engaging infographics & videos.

Stakeholder Segmentation

Issue Advocacy isn’t One Size Fits All. We’ll help you identify & segment your audience for maximum results

Community Management

Whether you’re building an audience of 100, 1,000, or 100,000, we can put the pieces in place to garner and sustain interest.

PAC Engagement

We’ll help your team maximize contributions while minimizing time spent per dollar raised

Mobile & Web Design

We design & build responsive experiences that highlight your message on any platform, whether that be web, mobile or tablet.

Complete Grassroots and Issue Advocacy Platform - SparkInfluence.net

Issue Advocacy has evolved.
Has Your Grassroots Platform?

SparkInfluence is a beautiful, mobile friendly platform with the most advanced action tools on the market and unrivaled reporting to help you get the most out of your audience. Identify influencers, empower stakeholders, influence policymakers, affect change.

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