Building an Issue Advocacy Strategy From the Ground Up

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You wouldn’t dive into the deep end of a pool without knowing how to swim, would you?

How about laying the foundation of a house without a blueprint?

Getting in a cockpit and flying without knowing which controls will help keep you in the air?

For most, the answer to these and other questions of the sort would be resounding no. Yet, for many organizations, associations and non-profits, they readily jump into issue advocacy with this one-size-fits-all, shotgun style approach. Their belief is that thousands will find their site, appreciate what they have to say and readily take action on the group’s behalf – then share their experience with hundreds of friends on Facebook driving even further action.

The reality is far less optimistic. Without proper planning, research into touch points on the issue and a solid content plan across desired platforms, this all-or-nothing plan generates exactly what most of us expect, nothing.

So what can you do to change the odds and put them “ever in your favor?”

Over the course of the next few weeks, we’re going to dive into how to build an advocacy strategy from the ground up. For some of you, we hope that this will be a good refresher course. For others, the hope is that you can follow these steps and build a solid strategy for educating and engaging your stakeholders, then tracking, managing and encouraging further action.

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